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      We are comprised of typical American families who
      appreciate your trust and your business.


 you have questions . . . we have answers.

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What is REPS 123?
REPS 123 is a group of sales professionals who drive B2B sales.  This is accomplished through a soft sales approach based upon the science of sales, combined with the art of true and meaningful conversation.  With each contact we maintain a careful balance between speaking and listening.  By caring about and listening to the customer, we not only improve conversation rates, but we also earn trust . . . and then sales.  Whoever said, "The art of the true conversation is dead," never used REPS 123.  Every REPS 123 team member is a native speaker of English who also resides in North America.

How long does it take to get the REPS 123 service working?
Generally, it takes about one business day.  Once we have your company information in house, we compress, define, and get moving.  After all, we want you to realize the value of our service as quickly as possible.

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Will REPS 123 work with any company?
We reserve the right with sole discretion to limit our Free Trial and our represented customer base.  REPS 123 is a family friendly firm who works only with legitimate and respected business offering wholesome, community friendly B2B products and services.

How does the REPS 123 service work?
The following flow chart shows how REPS 123 team goes to work for your business.

Is the "Free Trial" really free?
YES, it's free.  We do not have setup fees, hidden charges, or back-door pricing.  In addition, we do not collect any money, credit card, or payment information until you have tried our Free Trial.  We never bill until you agree that our service is worth every penny of your hard earned money.

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How can REPS 123 be so affordable?
The old saying, "There's safety in numbers," best describes how we keep the cost down.  When a company has only a few clients to take to market across North America, the cost is much higher.  Likewise, when you have a lot of clients across North America, the cost of doing business drops exponentially. 
How is REPS 123 different from traditional sales groups?
The detailed answers can be found on our video.  However, the quick answers are:
  •   We work ONLY on a low, fixed monthly fee...irrespective of your sales total per month--unlike those traditional Reps groups who charge a fixed percentage on all sales, including those sales they did not generate.
  •   Since sales groups are traditionally paid a percentage of sales, they tend to follow the 80/20 rule and give precedence to the top 20% clients and leave the lower 80...because the 20% is where the highest sales are found.  However, REPS 123 is not motivated by percentage, but by overall results.  Will contact all of your clients (or the clients you decide) and give each 100% of the attention they deserve; because remember, each of your lower 80%, is someone else's best customer....Why not transform them into your best customers?


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