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Your Body Language Says A Lot


The way you stand, position of your hands, and hold your head could be hurting your success.  You can use body language poses that can place doubt in the minds of others.  Consider your nonverbal communication.  It is professional, or saying the opposite.  The following are top body language poses and gestures to avoid…and what to do instead.

- Tilting your head.  This gesture can make you appear confused or as though you agree with the person when you are simply considering the message.

Instead, keep your chin parallel to the ground and maintain good eye contact, which indicates that you are an intelligent, decisive person who understands what is being said.  To acknowledge that you’re listening, slightly nod your head.

- Speaking fast.  In addition to being hard to follow, fast speech may make you appear insecure and nervous.  Talking fast also results in shallow breathing, which can also make you appear desperate.

Instead, concentrate on deep, even breathing, which will slow down your speech…and make you appear controlled and confident.

- How you stand.  How you arrange your legs when you stand has a profound effect on your demeanor and confidence level.  Crossing your ankles might be more comfortable, but it sends out a message that you are timid.

Instead, take a strong and confident pose by standing with your legs apart and your back straight.  This will make you appear more confident.

- Hand position is key.  When standing avoid folding your hands and letting them hang in front of your body.  This pose can give the impression that you are insignificant and what you have to say is inconsequential.

Instead, exude confidence by letting your arms hang to your sides or keeping them bent and lightly clasping your hands together with your forearms parallel to the ground.

- Eye contact.  Sufficient direct eye contact is important, but don’t overdo it!  It’s not necessary or advisable to keep your eyes glued to the other person.

Instead, strike a comfortable balance by alternating between meeting the person’s eyes and looking away.

- Facial Gestures.  Do not touch your face, run your fingers through your hair, blink too much, frown, or yawn.

Instead, smile.  Never underestimate the power of a sincere smile.  It displays confidence and pleasure.  A smile also makes you appear friendly and approachable.

Now that you know how actions can speak just as loudly as words, you can make all of the right moves for success.

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