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Key Attributes of a Bad Leader, AKA,


According to a Gallup poll of more than one million employed U.S. Workers, the number one reason people resigned or quit their job was not because of workplace stress, demands, or interruptions, but because of a bad boss.

How these bosses interact with their people elicits a number of responses from “jerks” to “abusers.”  Boss traits include controlling, egotistical, a lack of empathy, and a lack of acknowledgement, and appreciation.

Since such behavior can restrict a person or a team’s ability and desire to perform, the question is, ‘How do you create value from undesirable situations and personalities?’

Here are a few points that may help:

Appraise more often:  Don’t wait for annual or semiannual reports to let your employees offer feedback.  Instead have a brief weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly team meeting where employees are allowed to share their thoughts (professionally) without fear of reprisal.

Admit mistakes:  Be willing to admit fault and when you’ve made a bad decision.  Admission of fault is not a sign ow weakness, but of strength.  The key is to sincerely admit the fault…and then move on.  No dwelling on the issue.  When you admit a fault you will gain your team’s trust as they will not fear being blamed.

Recognize effort:  Don’t be afraid to praise an employee for doing something right.  Everyone likes to hear a “Well done” on occasion.  Again, there is no need to have a party, just a quick and sincere moment will do wonders.

Stop complaining:  Saying negative things in front of employees will not make the workplace better.  Building morale and building trust and assigning responsibilities.

Let your team interview a prospective hire:  That’s right.  Let the team interview their prospective leader.  Nothing tells a team we respect your opinion more than a group employment screening of a potential leader.  In addition, such interviews show the new leader that you value your team’s opinion.  Once done interview the team and then the new leader hire.  If the leader is a boss in hiding, he is likely to show his true colors.

Although there is no definitive way to make every employee happy, or to eliminate every bad leader, keeping ears and eyes open the workplace is a solid start to making your place of employment a better place in which to work.


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