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Delivering (or resetting) Great Customer Service


Since we are all in business because of customers, everyone needs the occasional refresher on customer care.  Here are the three basic steps of excellent service.

1)  Help the Customers, Don’t Judge Them.

We’ve all had rude customers, and those moments when the last thing we want to do is talk to anyone.  However, customers deserve–and expect– strong customer service—not judgment.  Customers sense frustration, and as a result choose to spend their money elsewhere.  To help avoid this, make the decision to leave your frustration, annoyances, or anything that puts you in a bad mood aside when working with customers.  Train yourself and your team to set personal feelings and professional frustrations aside PRIOR to supporting customers.  It makes all the difference.

2:  The Customer Come First.

Think back to the “good old days” when corner pharmacies welcomed their customers by name and doctors made house calls.  That said, a little more customer TLC would do us all some good.  Having high expectations is not impossible.  Smiles, friendly greetings, genuine interest in your customer’s are all FREE and cost us nothing!  Similarly, sincere appreciation for their time and dollars spent with you can move those proverbial mountains.  Remember, your business would not exist without customers choosing to spend money with your company.

3)  The Customer Should Feel Appreciated.

Like it or not, we live in an egotistical society.  Between selfies and self-promotion everyone’s looking for the next best selfish thing nowadays, which tends to keep them from appreciating what they are experiencing in their actual moments every day.  STOP>>  When working with customers, avoid the temptation to check your email, scroll through Facebook, play on an app or look the other way.  Instead, Focus and Listen to what your customers are talking about.  Aim to understand what they are seeking, and work hard to deliver the right service or product for them, versus the one that is easiest or most expensive.  By making their best interests first, you are building trust and goodwill that is bound to gain stronger customer retention, more customer referrals, and strength across your business in general, as well.

Very simply, you need to appreciate your customers.  Let’s start again.  Smile :)


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